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“We never knew you did that!” We hear that quite a lot. Because there’s more to Zachary Daniels than you might think.

Yes, we’re the retail recruiters for those key positions. But when you need a whole team creating. When you’re looking to expand overseas or into the UK. Or when you have a mass retail recruitment exercise to complete and no idea how you’ll do it, ask us.

Recruitment. Placement. Outsourcing. Whatever your retail recruitment challenge, share the load with us.


Executive Search

It’s a pivotal appointment, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a daunting or frustrating one. With more than a decade of expertise in finding C-suite leaders for major brands, we’ll help make the process more rewarding.

Executive recruitment is about so much more than finding your next CEO. It’s about recalibrating and understanding what you really need from your leader(s). It’s about discretion and sensitivity. It’s about looking where others don’t to find the expertise others can’t.

International Recruitment

Why, when you have an international job recruitment exercise to complete, would you choose us over a local retail recruiter? Perhaps it’s because you’re recruiting for several territories and need someone who understands them all.

Perhaps it’s because you need an international recruiter that understands you as much as the locations you’re expanding into.

Perhaps it’s simply that you trust us to get it right.

New Department Recruitment

Yesterday, you didn’t have your own employee relations, sustainability or digital team. But now you’re creating a new department from scratch.

You need the entire team pulling together, from adviser to manager. Because plans change, you need your recruitment team to be able to adapt with you.

And you need it all done fast. Leave it to us.

Volume Hiring Exercises

What’s the biggest challenge you face when hiring 25+ people in one go? The time constraints? The messy logistics of mass hiring? The fact your in-house team simply isn’t staffed to cope? Or the worry that, as the quantity increases, the quality dips?

For years, we’ve been helping retailers make all those volume hiring challenges disappear.

New Stores, New Locations

Now more than ever, a new store needs to hit the ground running. So your retail staff recruitment needs to do more than simply find the right skills and experience.

It needs to deliver the right cultural fit and that certain something that turns a group of co-workers into a team that is more than the sum of its parts.

Those people aren’t always to be found on jobs boards, but we know where they are.

UK Market Entry

Entering any new market is difficult. But entering the UK market right now presents particular challenges, not least from a recruitment perspective.

We’re ready to help make life easier at every stage of the journey, from mapping ambitions and setting market-appropriate salaries, to finding the talent you won’t find anywhere else and doing it all to the tightest of store-opening timescales.

Equality & Diversity in Recruitment

Of course, inclusion and diversity are important to you. They are to us too. That’s why, as a diverse recruiter, we support your equality goals.

Through blind recruiting, removes any potential bias from the process. Through positive action to increase representation. And by ensuring the ads we create are free from unconscious bias, we’ll help ensure your workforce is truly representative.

Travel Retail Jobs in UK Airports

Love retail but want a different take on the traditional store role? Make an airport store job your next destination.

Think about your next step in retail, and we bet you don’t think about your local airport. Yet you should. After all, what other retail jobs let you pack a week of work into four days (as many airport store jobs do)? What other retail jobs give you genuine shift flexibility thanks to the lengthy opening hours?

Hire Retail Staff in UK Airports

Retail operations recruitment in airports across the UK? Trust Zachary Daniels to ensure your hiring project enjoys a smooth landing.

When they need to recruit, retail brands in UK airports talk to Zachary Daniels. They do it for lots of reasons: because we deliver on the brief. Because we deliver in the right way (meaning we work really hard to make sure that you could say ‘yes!’ to literally any and all of the candidates we put your way).

Shopping Centre Recruitment

You know the challenges of shopping centre recruitment. It’s not just about brand fit; it’s about mall fit too. It’s about hiring in volume to meet seasonal needs. And with so many competitors right outside your door, it’s about moving fast and doing things in a way that makes you stand out in a crowded market.