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The CV is only the start. The brief is just the basics. Discover how much further Zachary Daniels goes to make retail HR recruitment a success.


Retail HR Recruitment for Clients

Time and again, the reason busy HR Directors and Heads of Talent contact us is because, not so long ago, we found them their current role. Now they want us to help recruit the right team around them. We think that speaks volumes about the way we work and the results we achieve.


Retail HR Recruitment for Candidates

There’s one thing virtually all our HR candidates have in common. More than an impressive salary, perks package or promotion potential, what they really want is the opportunity to work for brands that share their values and feel like the right ‘fit’. That’s why we go further to understand our candidates on a personal level because the more we get to know you, the better match we’ll make with your next role.


Why Zachary Daniels?


We know. Every retail recruitment company promises to look further and dig deeper to deliver results. The difference is we actually do it. Here’s how:


We make it easy to say ‘yes’

Whatever HR role you’re recruiting for, chances are you want to see a handful of exceptional candidates, not a bucketload of possibles. So we do the screening and sifting for you to ensure that every candidate you take forward to interview is a genuine contender.


Determined to get it right

You don’t need us to tell you that finding exactly the right fit for your HR team isn’t easy right now. But we’re not fair-weather recruiters. We stay the course, working the role until you get exactly the right people in post. That’s why we take the time to speak to line managers and collect a full, detailed brief, because the better understanding we have of the role, the better we’re able to match candidates to it.


Really open. Really honest. Really transparent

We’ll find the very best people for your role, but in a (very) competitive market that can sometimes take a little time. We promise the wait will be worth it. But in the meantime, we also promise that, with us, you’ll never get radio silence. You’ll never wonder where about progress because you haven’t heard from us for weeks. And you’ll never have to chase us.

We’ll provide regular updates, letting you know where we’re up to. And if we believe a change in strategy is required to drive more responses, we’ll suggest it.


We stay in touch

Our commitment to regular communication isn’t one we only make to clients. If you’re looking for a new role, we’ll keep you updated with progress and, if we feel there’s a way you could be improving your chances of success, we’ll say so.


These clients recruited HR roles with us:



Frasers Group

American Golf

Hugo Boss


EE-Retail 365

Science in Sport




TWG Tea Company



HR recruitment is easy with ZD. Here’s how it works:



Every recruiter needs a good brief. But in many cases, they’ll only really use it to put a job ad together. We know the difference a great brief can make. So don’t be surprised when we call you asking for a little more information – it’s so we can send exactly the right candidates your way.



The thing about great HR candidates is that often they’re not really candidates at all until we call them for a chat. They’re not actively looking for a new job – but they would be interested if the right role came up. Happily, we know where they are.


Assess & Shortlist

You won’t see a candidate until we’ve had a chance to see them first. If we’re confident enough to shortlist them, it’s because we believe they’re the right fit for you.


Interview, Offer & Beyond

We want to make sure every client and every candidate are pleased with the end result. That’s why we stay in touch with you once the process is complete to ensure everyone’s happy.


Recruiting exceptional candidates


“I had the pleasure of communicating with [Zachary Daniels who were] very professional yet friendly. [They] found me the perfect role, kept me updated on my application and interview status. On the morning of my interview I had a ‘good luck’ text! Thanks to Zachary Daniels I have found the perfect role! 5 star service.”

Julie, EE-Retail 365.


“[Zachary Daniels] offered great support whilst I was interviewing for a new position, keeping in regular contact and updating me as and when. [They’re] so easy to talk to and really helped make sure that the role was right for me. Thank you!”

Charlie, ER Manager, Wickes.


What retail HR roles do we recruit?


Across the UK and internationally, we help take the pain out of HR recruitment for our retail clients. For candidates, we help ensure the next career move is the right one. We’d love to help you.

Here are just some of the roles we’ve recruited recently:

  • HR Advisor
  • HR Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • L&D Manager
  • Head of L&D
  • Head of HR
  • HR Director
  • Chief People Officer
  • Talent Manager
  • Head of Talent
  • Head of Resourcing
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Resourcing Advisor
  • Head of HR Shared Services
  • Head of ER
  • ER Manager
  • Head of REWARD
  • Reward Manager
  • Head of Compensation and Benefits


What’s it like to work with us?

Simple, honest and straightforward, from first call to post-filled – that’s what we aim for. To find out what our clients and candidates think about how we achieve it.


 our approach

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You don't usually get opportunities like this. Normally, when we advertise leadership roles, we ask for experience.

£25000 - £27000 per annum + Bonus

You don't usually get opportunities like this. Normally, when we advertise leadership roles, we ask for experience.
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