Zachary Daniels HR Salary Guide 2024

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What does a ‘competitive’ salary look like? How hybrid should your flexible working be? Where do you pitch your salary to maximise the chances of recruitment success? Find the answers in our latest guide.

One of the simplest ways to improve your recruitment success is to make sure that, as a baseline, your salaries are competitive.

This guide can help ensure they are, with regional salary benchmarking across a range of HR roles, together with an examination of the benefits that will make a difference to your HR talent recruitment strategy.

For any recruiting HR team, it’s essential reading.


There is, of course, one more part of the equation when it comes to securing the very best talent. 2023 was another extremely competitive year for those hiring HR professionals. We don’t expect that to change this year.

That’s why we launched our HR recruitment team — so that when you need to source experience, expertise, leadership and more, we’re better positioned than ever before to be your HR hiring partner.


You don’t need us to tell you that the cost-of-living crisis was an ever-present in 2023. While some (although certainly not all) of the price pressures eased as the year progressed, for consumers, the delayed effects of multiple interest rate rises and the continuing increase in prices hit hard in 2023. It led to the sort of actions you might expect when times are tight.

In 2023, customers shifted their view of what ‘value’ means. It has become an increasingly personal calculation based on need, durability, and benefit (both in terms of what a product does and how it makes the owner feel) and price.

The retail sector has faced challenges with resilience and this year, recruiting resilience will be more important than ever


The Zachary Daniels Salary Guide can help you recruit better. Download it now.

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