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Consumer recruitment experts

Specialist Consumer Goods Recruitment

Lots of recruiters hire for this sector. Lots of them say it’s a specialism.

Top Recruiters For Toy, Baby, Nursery, Character & Licensed Products

We mean it. We work with the biggest toy companies in the UK and across Europe, so if you’re hiring talent for toy, baby, nursery, or licensed products, you’ll find we’ve already built a vast network of candidates you won’t find anywhere else.

And it’s not just toys and baby goods. Our expertise and our network spans the whole of the consumer arena, so it’s easier to find the talent you need.

Consumer goods recruitment is easier with ZD.

Here’s how it works:


Tell us what you’re after(and who) you’re looking for. We’ll want to have a chat not just about the opportunities you offer and the skills and experience you need, but your company values and culture. Because finding the right candidate is about more than the things that fill a CV. It’s about attitude and approach. It’s about finding people who’ll fit your organisation like a glove because those are the sort of people who’ll stay and build a career with you.

We spend time at the outset understanding what that person might look like, so we’re better able to find them., so we’re able to make a successful search for the right skills and the right fit.


We search far and wide doing what it takes to find just the right people. Two things help us to deliver results no one else can: first, our recruiters have an impressive track record in consumer recruitment. They know the landscape; they know what ‘great’ looks like.

The second advantage ZD people have is that they’ve spent years building networks of talent. These are people already working in the consumer sector (or people with transferable skills who would be ideal for you) who aren’t actively looking for a new job, but who might just be open to a chat.
Because finding talent gets an awful lot easier when you already have a relationship with it.


We see lots of candidates so you don’t have to. We’ll do the pre-screening and interviews to ensure that, when the final shortlist is in front of you, the only challenge is deciding who to say ‘yes’ to.


Our clients tell us they don’t want an infinite array of choices – they just want the right people. So we focus on quality, not quantity. Put our shortlists to the test and you’ll be happily surprised by how often our candidates fill the shortlist and get the job.

Interview & Offer:

We’ll make the arrangements with the candidate, help with negotiations and ensure the whole process is a smooth one.

What consumer goods roles do we recruit?

Roles we’ve recruited recently include:

Managing Director
Sales Director
Account Controller
Senior National Account Manager
National Account Manager
Key Account Manager
National Account Executive

Sales Support
Account Coordinator
Account Support
Operations Director
Operations Manager
Customer Service Manager
Operations Coordinator

Fast moving recruitment for FMCG

A single key appointment. 100 temporary sales assistants. One person for one established store. Or a whole team ready to fill a whole raft of store openings in the UK and overseas. Whatever you need from your FMCG recruitment, we’re not only ready to help – we’ve got a track record that tells you we’ll deliver exactly the people you need.

FMCG Recruitment for Clients

You might not be planning to use a specialist recruiter to find your next candidates. That’s fine. But here’s a thought. Why not run your exercise alongside ours? Time and again, clients who do that find that the successful FMCG candidates we send their way are the ones who make the final shortlist – and the ones who get the job.
Of course, you can recruit yourself. But with us, you’ll recruit stronger.

FMCG Recruitment for Candidates

Taking that next step is easier when you have an expert by your side. Zachary Daniels FMCG recruiters help people like you make the next step the right step. Because the only thing better than getting hired for a job is getting hired for a job you love. We’ll make sure you and your new company are the perfect match.

These clients have partnered with us:

  • Jazwares
  • Just play
  • Spin Master
  • MGA
  • Simba Smoby
  • Playmobil
  • IMC
  • Mookie
  • Hasbro
  • Magic box
  • Bibado
  • Paladone
  • Asmodee

Why Zachary Daniels?

We know. Every consumer recruitment specialist says they treat every client like their only client. They say the same to candidates. But sometimes reality doesn’t quite match up to the promise.

So here’s a novelty. Meet the FMCG recruitment company that keeps its promises. Every time. And that’s not all that sets us apart:

Results-only recruitment

Give us a try. And to make dipping your toe in the water that bit easier (and risk-free), when you put us to work on your consumer recruitment for the first time, you’ll only pay for successful hires.

Your recruitment shield

There are lots of people looking for FMCG opportunities right now. Advertise yourself, and there’s nothing between you and the 800 applications you’ll receive for that Product Manager role. But with Zachary Daniels in your corner, we’ll be the gatekeeper that not only finds you brilliant candidates but shields you from the rest.

The right fit, faster

The ‘right fit’ isn’t always easy to define, and that can make it hard to find. But when you hire an FMCG Consumer recruitment expert, you’ll discover that we’re able to hit the ground running and move quicker, so you get better results faster.

When you get right down to it, consumer recruitment isn’t about CVs; it’s about people. Our recruiters get that. They take the time to understand your business so you not only get the right people fast, but those people stay.

We found the right people for Bibado

“I wasn’t planning on using a recruitment agent for our most recent placing, but decided to give Zachary Daniels a chance. They were a pleasure to work with throughout the process, and managed to find a couple of candidates who were significantly stronger than those we were able to source ourselves, once of whom we have now hired. I’m sure we will work with them again in the near future.” – Dan, Bibado

Opening doors for candidates

You can do a lot on your own. But you can do so much more when you have a specialist consumer recruiter by your side. Our team opens doors. They guide you through the process. And even when you’ve won the post and are settled in your new job, they’ll still be in touch to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
That’s exactly what happened with Jennifer:

“It’s a rare find to come across a standout recruitment consultant like Katie. I certainly would not have been able to secure the role I am in now without her help. Her ‘out of the box’ thinking, uncovered opportunities that I wouldn’t have even known about without her assistance. Aside from being amazing at her job, she was a real pleasure to deal with throughout the whole recruitment process, – thanks for everything Katie :)” – Jennifer, Business Development Manager, Fairlocks Pool Products Ltd.

What FMCG roles do we recruit?

It takes a lot of skills to make an FMCG company run. Fortunately, the ZD team has specialists able to find the talent and expertise for every part of it. Shop floor and head office. Sales and marketing or supply chain and procurement. HR, finance and management.
Across the UK and internationally, we help take the pain out of consumer FMCG recruitment. We’d love to do the same for you.

What’s it like to work with us?

Find out from the people who’ve already worked with Zachary Daniels – check out our testimonials and find out more about our approach


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Meet our Consumer & FMCG expert