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Looking for talent and experience in retail estate acquisition, development, maintenance and disposal? Find it with us.

Property Recruitment for Retail Clients

It’s never been more important to make your estate work harder for you. Every pound shaved off a lease, every spare metre occupied by a concession and every pound saved in energy efficiency makes a difference.

Whether you’re scaling back, scaling up, acquiring, disposing or developing, we know the people with the retail-specific expertise that can help you do it more effectively.

Retail Property Recruitment for Candidates

Retail property can feel like a frustratingly unbalanced world right now. While some retailers are enjoying hypergrowth, others are contracting and rationalising. As a result, many retail property specialists are finding their skillsets in high demand, but not always with the retailers they currently work for.

So if you’re a head of property acquisitions whose company isn’t acquiring or a director of store development who’s seeing far more exciting store development opportunities elsewhere, talk to us. Because we know where the opportunities lie.

Why Zachary Daniels?

We know. Every retail recruitment company promises to look further and dig deeper to deliver results. The difference is we actually do it. Here’s how:

More than a decade in retail property recruitment

Think retail recruitment and you might not immediately think of estate managers, heads of development and acquisitions directors, but for as long as we’ve been recruiting, we’ve been recruiting retail property roles.

Retail and property: we leverage both

There’s retail. There’s property. And if you drew all of the roles connected with those sectors as a Venn diagram, we’re squarely on the retail side of things. But where those two circles intersect, when you need property talent for the retail sector, no one has greater insight.

It means we can leverage years of experience in the retail environment to precisely find the expertise you need.

Better connected for better results

You can’t spend as much time in retail as we do without knowing the landscape from every angle. That’s what sets us apart from other property recruiters. It means that, when you’re looking for a new role or looking to appoint a new member of the team, we know who’s growing, who’s building and who’s on the market.

And even if we don’t have an obvious opportunity or candidate for you right now, our deep retail connections mean we can get out there and find them.

These clients recruited with us:

  • Magnet
  • Kangaroo
  • Jollyes
  • Original Factory Shop
  • Crew Clothing
  • And many more…

Property recruitment is easy with ZD. Here’s how it works:


It’s a bit like throwing your dog a stick. You throw us a brief, we’ll go fetch. And to make sure we bring back someone worth hiring, we’ll spend time with you beforehand to refine the brief, so can really hone in on the right people.


We’re fortunate to have spent years in retail and years in property retail recruitment. It means that when you ask us to find a new candidate, we have a huge sandbox to play in. So, for example, we’re not limited to the candidates who are actively looking right now. We’re able to talk to lots of passive candidates who may not be ‘on the market’ but who’ve asked us to let them know if anything interesting comes up.

Assess & Shortlist:

You want us to supply exceptional candidates. But chances are you don’t want us to supply lots of exceptional candidates because you’ll never have time to sift and interview them all. So we sort the good from the great and the great from the perfect, so you end up with a handful of candidates per post that it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to.

Interview, Offer & Beyond:

No nasty surprises – that’s what we’re after. No notice periods that last forever. No six-month sabbatical before they take up the post. Just a smooth interview, selection and onboarding process, so we’ll stay in touch with you and your candidate(s) throughout the late stages of the process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Which retail operations roles do we recruit?

Retail property recruitment at every level of seniority, that’s what we deliver. So if you’re looking for a store development manager, acquisitions director or format development specialist – or if you are one of those people and want to find a new challenge – find it with us.

Here are some more of the roles we’ve recruited recently:

  • Acquisitions director
  • Store development manager
  • Head of store acquisition and disposal
  • Director of store development
  • Format development specialist

What’s it like to work with us?

Simple, honest and straightforward, from first call to post-filled – that’s what we aim for. To find out what our clients and candidates think about how we achieve it, check out our testimonials. Then find out more about our approach.

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Meet our Property expert

Alan Creed

Business Director

07534 135 308

View Profile