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Great people for great jobs

You’ve worked with retail recruiters before. You’ve probably worked with some that made you feel as though yours was just another job in a very big machine. You’ll never feel that way with us.

At Zachary Daniels, our focus is matching great people with great jobs. And every job matters.


Local knowledge for better results

Our recruiters know that if you’re living in Dublin City, chances are roles in Dundrum, Blanchardstown or Liffey Valley will be a reasonable commute. And when you’re opening a new store in one of Dublin’s main shopping hubs, they know which surrounding counties to focus on to get the best response. That local knowledge means better targeting, and better targeting means faster results.


A better recruitment experience

Our Ireland team is based in Ireland. It sounds like a rather obvious statement but you know how many recruiters operate from elsewhere.

Because we have a dedicated team here, we have the connections and market knowledge others don’t. They’re also open, talented, good people. Our clients and candidates tell us that makes for a much better recruitment experience. It’s why so many clients treat us as an extension of their own talent team.


Why choose Zachary Daniels for your Dublin retail recruitment?

There are plenty of other retail recruitment agencies in Dublin you could talk to (although don’t feel as though you have to). So why us?


We really know Dublin

When you understand a place you can do a much better job of recruiting for it. For example, looking at a map, a recruiter without links to the area might think everywhere in Dublin is pretty much commutable from everywhere else. But you and we know that’s far from the case.

So if you want to hire candidates who’ll find it easy to work with you, talk to the team who knows how many buses they’ll need to catch to reach you.


More than an agency

We’d like to be your first call for Dublin retail recruitment. But that’s not the only reason clients call us. Local market conditions. Talent pipelining. Advice about salary bandings so your recruitment exercise gets off on the right foot. If it’s connected with your recruitment ambitions, we have the information to make it easier and more successful.


We look wider and deeper

They say any recruiter is only as good as their network of contacts. So how’s this for starters? A proprietary in-house database of thousands. A LinkedIn network of more than 10,000 on which we promote our opportunities to the Irish market. Promotion on multiple jobs boards (including Irish jobs boards) and a mailing system dedicated to our Irish database.

To that, you might also like to add the expertise of a team specialised in the Irish market who know how to get the very best out of all of those research routes.


We like a challenge

Take Dundrum Town Centre. It’s a fabulous, prestige retail space with a brilliant customer profile but you’ll know as well as we do that it has always presented certain challenges from a recruitment perspective (not least because it’s not the easiest place for commuters to reach).

That creates challenges for Dublin recruitment companies, challenges you can only overcome when you have the knowledge, contacts and energy to deliver. So if you’ve tried another recruiter and they’ve come up short, challenge us.


Specialist retail recruitment in Dublin

From compliance to management, senior appointments to supply chain, we’ve got the people to handle your recruitment in Dublin. But right now, we’re seeing real growth in the following specialist areas:


International recruitment:

We recruit for retailers and candidates looking to expand beyond Ireland. And we recruit for organisations wanting to make their mark in Ireland for the first time. We’ve seen numerous overseas brands launch in Liffey Valley, Swords, Tallaght, Blanchardstown and Dundrum recently. We’ve supported several of them. We’d love to work with you.


eCommerce recruitment

Digital seems perpetually tight for talent and every hire seems to be an urgent one. Our clients know that when they work with us, getting speedy results doesn’t mean compromising on quality, and we have a great track record in finding just the right people in competitive markets.


Health & safety recruitment

Keeping customers and employees safe isn’t just about knowing the regulations. It’s about having the leadership abilities to build a safety culture, the coaching skills to develop others, and the interpersonal skills to bring everyone with you. We get that, which is why, before we recommend a candidate to you, we get to know them and their management style to ensure they’re a great fit for your business.


About Zachary Daniels

In 2012, we set up a boutique retail recruitment agency that would be run the way we felt an agency should be run. Personal. Passionate. Really committed to getting it right. It was an approach that struck a chord. So we grew (but not too much to take us away from that boutique, personal feel). Today we’re based in Warrington, London and, of course, Ireland.

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Finding the perfect match for retailers in Dublin

We’ve a rather impressive track record in recruiting for retailers in Dublin and the surrounding area. So if you’re looking to make a key appointment, opening a new store, or building your business in Ireland from scratch, we can help. That’s exactly what we did for Kateryna when Zachary Daniels worked with her to hire a team of new managers for Jysk’s launch in Ireland:

[Zachary Daniels had] real drive and great skills to find the perfect match for our retail positions. [They were] very good in understanding the right profile that we were looking for and finding great candidates and now great employees for us in JYSK Ireland.

Kateryna, HR Director, Jysk Ireland


Roles we’ve recruited for in Dublin

Take a quick search of our jobs board and you’ll find plenty of jobs in Dublin. Over the past few months, here are just some of the roles for which we’ve recruited in the area:

  • Store Manager, Tallaght
  • Deputy Manager, Dundrum
  • Payroll Assistant, Dublin
  • Assistant Manager, Meath
  • Area Visual Merchandiser, Dublin


What’s it like to work with us?

Find out from the people who’ve already worked with Zachary Daniels – check out our testimonials. Then find out more about our approach.

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What our clients say:


It was an absolute pleasure working with Kerry Rose. She was so motivating and professional during my job application process. I have gained valuable information and encouragement from Kerry and she supported me to pass each stage interview. Besides, it was so kind of her to write a card of congratulation on my new role. Overall, I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone looking for a professional recruitment consultant.


Mark was great whilst helping place me at my new employer. Great communicator, personable with bags of experience and knowledge.

Luke McCluskey, Area Manager

Just wanted to leave some feedback on the positive experience i have just had with Winston Johnson in my current job search! When i first met Winston i explained what i was looking for and why i was looking and straight away was confident that he had listened and wouldn’t be bombarding me with any role going. (Winston Johnson – Feb 2020)