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Specialist retail recruitment in Birmingham and the West Midlands? Make Zachary Daniels part of your team.  You’re recruiting in Birmingham. Or you’re looking for your next career move there. Either way, we’d love to help.

Birmingham retail recruitment that works for retailers

You might already have an in house recruitment team – so why do you need to use a Birmingham recruitment agency? Well, lots of our clients have in-house HR and recruitment teams too. But they’re not equipped for major recruitment drives. They’re not resourced to manage the job ad that results in hundreds of applications. And they’d rather not be the ones doing the candidate screening, interview prep, feedback and everything else. 

That’s why they get us involved.

Birmingham retail recruitment that works for candidates

What’s the difference between us and every other Birmingham retail recruitment specialist you may have worked with in the past? Let’s put it this way. Once we’ve successfully ensured they’re in post and happy, our candidates call us again. Only this time, it will be to find the retail talent they need for their own teams. Says it all really, doesn’t it?

Why choose Zachary Daniels for your Birmingham retail recruitment?

There are plenty of other retail recruitment agencies in Birmingham you could talk to (although don’t feel as though you have to). So why us?

Candidates you’ll find it easy to say ‘yes’ to

You don’t want us to find you lots of potential candidates for each post. Lots of possibles just mean extra work, the extra time and extra disappointment for the unsuccessful. So instead of finding lots of potentials, we move heaven and earth to find a handful of definites. If you could say yes to everyone we send your way, then we know we’ve done our job.

Recruitment that goes the distance

There are plenty of people in the retail jobs market right now, but precious few perfect candidates. The result? When you find someone who really is ideal for your post, chances are someone else has their eyes on them too.

So how do we keep our candidates locked into your recruitment process and prevent them from being poached? We keep talking. Keep encouraging. Keep them informed of what’s happening and when. Because when candidates have built relationships with us, they’re more likely to stay the course and become a member of your team – not someone else’s. 

We find talent others can’t

We’re often called in because an initial in-house recruitment exercise has failed to find the candidates our clients want. But if you’ve already looked in all the usual places, what’s the point in choosing a recruiter who only looks in the same places again?

That’s why we dig deeper and look wider, from our LinkedIn network to our database to the black books of our recruitments specialists.

Specialist recruitment in Birmingham

From compliance to management, senior appointments to supply chain, we’ve got the people to handle your Birmingham recruitment drive. Right now, we’re seeing real growth in the following specialist areas:

Retail property recruitment: Of course, your tenancy agreements and estate management were always important, but post-pandemic they’ve become even more vital to business success. So when you need to find the expertise that knows how to make a lease more flexible, an asset more energy efficient or a new opportunity more viable, we’ll find them. 

eCommerce recruitment: Digital transformation was on every retailer’s agenda when the pandemic hit and made it absolutely essential. If you’re looking to do more digitally and in-house, we know where the talent is.

Executive recruitment: Your next COO, CIO or CEO probably isn’t openly looking for a job right now. It’s far more likely they’ll be hidden from view. They might be open to a conversation, but before that happens you need to know who and where they are. Over the years, we’ve placed countless executives in posts. Then, we’ve stayed in touch, so we know who’s got the skillset you need – and whether they’re ready for a new challenge. 

Roles we recruit in Birmingham include:

  • Retail Director
  • Head of Retail
  • Regional Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Cluster Manager
  • Store Manager
  • General Manager
  • Concession Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Duty Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Section Manager
  • Stock Manager
  • Speciality Managers

If your talent is any of these fields, we need to talk to you…

About Zachary Daniels

In 2012, we set up a boutique retail recruitment agency that would be run the way we felt an agency should be run. Personal. Passionate. Really committed to our clients, candidates and our team – so much so that we made the company employee-owned (a bit like John Lewis) so everyone here could have a stake in our success. 

It was an approach that struck a chord, so we grew. But we still have that boutique, personal feel, because we know that’s what our clients value most about us.


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What our clients say:


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be starting not only just a new job, but a new career. She has called me a few times with opportunities and has supported me through the interview process. Jessica has touched base with me even after the offer of the job for any support or questions I have. In 3 weeks I start my new job which not is closer, pays more and has an opportunity for my personal development. Jessica, Thank you very much for all you’ve done for me to massively improve my career prospects.



It was an absolute pleasure working with Kerry Rose. She was so motivating and professional during my job application process. I have gained valuable information and encouragement from Kerry and she supported me to pass each stage interview. Besides, it was so kind of her to write a card of congratulation on my new role. Overall, I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone looking for a professional recruitment consultant.


Andy Scullion was brilliant throughout the entire process with consistent communication, support and encouragement at every stage. Andy was completely transparent about delays in the process and through frequent communication made me feel really comfortable through the process. He really took the time to get to know me and gave genuine candidate care which I felt was a big point of difference from other recruiters I have worked with. I would definitely recommend your company to other people as a result of a great experience thanks to Andy!