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Meet the Belfast retail recruiter who digs deeper and looks wider to find the people you won’t find anywhere else.

Belfast recruitment that works

Would you rather your recruitment partner present you with a long list of ‘possibles’ or a shortlist of ‘definites’? The retailers who work with Zachary Daniels know that we’re looking for the latter. We want to put you in the happy position of being able to say yes to any of the candidates we put your way.

Put us to the test.

We find candidates others can’t

As a Belfast recruitment company, it’s tough to find fresh candidates when you’re looking in the same place as everyone else. That’s why we fish in a different pond. Whether it’s via job ads tailored to the audience and designed to stand out, our own network of thousands of likely candidates, or some carefully targeted headhunting, we search wider and deeper to find the candidates who really fit the bill. 

We know Belfast…

…and the surrounding area. We have an office here. So if, for example, you’re recruiting in Carrickfergus, we’ve got the local knowledge to know that even though Bangor is only a short hop away as the crow flies, the daily commute will only be reasonable if the candidate can drive (or swim).

It’s little things like that that ensure the people we put your way are serious candidates.  


Why choose Zachary Daniels for your Belfast retail recruitment?

There are plenty of other retail recruitment agencies in Belfast you could talk to (although don’t feel as though you have to). So why us?

We cut to the chase of retail recruitment

There are lots of issues involved with running recruitment in-house. One of the biggest is that candidates don’t always feel comfortable being upfront with you in the way that they might be with us.

Talk about their salary expectations, the requirement to travel or the level of expertise they need and they’ll nod and smile, giving you the answers they think you want to hear before eventually things come to a head and they drop out of the process. By the time that happens, you’ve lost time, effort and (potentially) the perfect candidate elsewhere.

Candidates are far more likely to be upfront with us, which means we can get results faster. 

Protecting you from people poaching

The market’s moving so fast right now. Just as you think you’ve found the ideal candidate they go and accept a post elsewhere. How do we reduce the chances of that happening?

It’s all about offer management. We start by working with clients to put together packages that attract the best. Then we keep the lines of communication open with candidates, which makes them far less likely to jump ship. 

Your Belfast recruitment ‘shield’

What would you do if your recruitment exercise resulted in hundreds of applications? Once you’d finished screaming, there’d still be a mountain of candidates to sift, a huge logistical challenge in processing it all, and a lot of candidates to disappoint.

Choose the right retail recruitment partner in Belfast and you’re shielded from all of that because we do it all for you. 


Specialist retail recruitment in Belfast

From compliance to management, property to senior appointments, we’ve got the people to handle your Belfast recruitment drive. Right now, we’re seeing real growth in the following specialist areas:

Supply chain: You don’t need us to tell you about the challenges facing Northern Ireland from a supply chain and logistics perspective. But that complicated combination of Brexit and global issues affect Belfast businesses in unique ways. Solving them requires people who don’t just have the technical skills and experience, but the local understanding too. We’ll help you find them. 

Digital recruitment: The retail landscape changed. It made your digital capability more vital than it has ever been, and it made finding the people to help set and deliver your digital strategy more vital than ever too. Like you, we’ve seen our business shift from bricks and mortar to online – and we’re ready to help you transform.

Finance: Whether the people you’re recruiting are for transactional, shared services or payroll, one facet stands out above all others when it comes to financing recruitment in Belfast: credibility. With a dedicated retail finance recruitment team, seriously credible candidates are the only people we send your way.

About Zachary Daniels

In 2012, we set up a boutique retail recruitment agency that would be run the way we felt an agency should be run. Personal. Passionate about what we do. Really committed to getting it right. It was an approach that struck a chord with clients and candidates alike, so we grew. But we still have that boutique, personal feel, because we know that’s what our clients value most about us. 

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Helping clients and candidates find their perfect match 

We work really hard to ensure that the candidates we recommend are the right fit for our clients: 

“Can’t recommend Zachary Daniels enough in the recruitment industry from both sides. On a personal side, I used their services to obtain the role I’m in now, which I love. From a business perspective, I use them currently to help fill our vacancies. Very professional and friendly people. 100% recommend!”

Laura Hadden, Regional Manager, Jollyes, Belfast 

“[ZD have] worked with us on a number of occasions, delivering great service and excellent candidates for our business. [They] deliver outstanding results. I often recommend to colleagues.”

Walter Reid, Douglas & Grahame


Roles we’ve recruited in Belfast

Take a quick search of our jobs board and you’ll find lots of jobs in Belfast and the surrounding areas, spanning Head Office, Finance, Buying, Merchandising, Digital and more. Here are just a select few of the roles we’ve recruited for recently:

  • Store Manager, Belfast
  • Buying Manager, Belfast
  • Assistant Manager, Craigavon
  • Retail Manager, Antrim
  • Merchandiser, Bangor
  • Supervisor, Belfast

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What our clients say:


Great people to work with but Zac’s BBQing skills leave a lot to be desired.

Recruitment Business Partner

I would like to thank Kerry Rose for all the help, she gave me prepping for my interviews and store approval, she gave me loads of information over the phone about the job, my overall experience was great, she was very clear and friendly and helped me along the way and got back to me really quickly, such genuine lovely person. (Kerry Rose – Feb 2020)


Mark was great whilst helping place me at my new employer. Great communicator, personable with bags of experience and knowledge.

Luke McCluskey, Area Manager