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Recruitment for France

You’re a retail business that sees the opportunity in launching or expanding in France. Or perhaps you’re looking for a fresh challenge in the French capital. We’re the retail recruitment agency that helps brands and candidates thrive in Paris and across France.

French Recruitment for Retail Clients

It’s not easy recruiting in a new market. Unfamiliar processes, customs and legislation make a tough job even tougher. And now that the UK is no longer part of the single market, even those with experience can easily come unstuck. So if you need some expert help recruiting for the French market, we’re here to help.

French Retail Recruitment for Candidates

You want a fresh challenge. But once you’ve made the decision to work in France, how do you make that happen? From crafting a CV suitable for the French retail market to interview support, we’ll help make life easier. And then, once you’re in post, we’ll stay in touch to ensure all is well.


Why choose Zachary Daniels for your retail recruitment in France?

There are plenty of French retail recruitment agencies you could talk to (although don’t feel as though you have to). So why choose us?

We understand France. We understand you.

It’s not just the language barrier. It’s the cultural difference too. And then there’s the trust element. The clients who recruit in France with us often do so because we’ve already delivered – either in the UK or in another territory. And when international expansion involves so many unknown quantities, it’s good to know there’s at least one partner you can rely on.

French recruitment for when the going gets tough

You don’t need us to tell you that the global situation is messy right now. Fewer candidates are willing to travel. For those that are, relocation is more complex than it once was. And yet you have critical roles that need filling and you need them filled by people who have the right brand fit as well as the skills and experience.

Happily, that’s what we’re best at. After all, anyone can recruit when the going is easy. It’s when things get tricky that your retail recruiter really shows their worth.

Make us part of the team

Sometimes, our clients just hand over their France (and especially Paris) recruitment to us. But often, they want to be more hands-on than that. They need an extension of their team, someone who can deal with recruitment at scale. Someone who can shield them from what happens when that ad you just launched gets an overwhelming response. Someone who can deal with the unique requirements of recruiting in France. 

Fortunately, we’re not just good at recruitment. We play well with others too.


Specialist retail recruitment in Paris and across France

Right now we’re seeing real growth in the following specialist areas:

Supply chain and logistics recruitment: All of a sudden, the arrangements you had in place stopped working. What you needed was a presence in France, Belgium or the Netherlands to ensure operations on both sides of the Channel ran smoothly. This is why we’re spending a lot of time right now recruiting logistics managers, supply chain analysts and wholesale operations people. 

eCommerce recruitment: It’s really not as simple as pressing ‘translate’ and hoping your online presence will do its job in Paris just as well as it did in London. It’s a whole different idiom. A whole different sensibility. And a whole different approach to marketing that’s required. This is why we’re recruiting digital executives, UX designers and optimisation managers for the French market right now. 

Retail operations: Opening in a new territory is all about balance – it’s about retaining what made you distinctive and successful elsewhere while responding to the local market customs and conditions. The ability to understand and respond to both is what makes Zachary Daniels’ French recruitment specialists special.

Fortunately, we’re not just good at recruitment. We play well with others too.


What do candidates say about us?

“I have recently been assisted by Zachary Daniels during the recruitment process of a role for which I have been successful.

“[They have] been great and really supportive during the whole process, being an efficient bridge between myself and the hiring company not just in terms of providing regular updates on the status and supporting in preparing each interview, but also by spending time with me to discuss and deep-dive on the role and the company to help me understand if this was the best next step for me.

“Also post me accepting the offer, [they] constantly supported me during my transition period, being responsive and proactive in addressing any question or doubt I might have.

“I highly recommend them.”

Francesco Simone, Head of CRM, Givenchy, Paris


Roles we recruit in France include:

We’ve got rather an impressive track record in international retail recruitment. In Paris, across France and across Europe, when you want to build your team, build it with us. Here are just some of the roles we’ve recruited recently:

  • Export Sales Manager, Paris/London
  • Product Developer, Paris
  • Lead Software Developer, France
  • Store Manager, Paris
  • Logistics Manager, Calais
  • Head of Central Operation, France

If your talent is in any of these fields, we need to talk to you…

About Zachary Daniels

In 2012, we set up a boutique retail recruitment agency that would be run the way we felt an agency should be run. Personal. Passionate. Really committed to our clients, candidates and our team – so much so that we made the company employee-owned (a bit like John Lewis) so everyone here could have a stake in our success. 

It was an approach that struck a chord, so we grew. But we still have that boutique, personal feel, because we know that’s what our clients value most about us. 


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What our clients say:


Having worked with Mark in the past he has been very professional, efficient and realistic, traits that are invaluable when you are looking for your next opportunities in the business world.

Alison Letch, Store Manager Hobbycraft

After dealing with several recruitment agencies in the hunt for a new role, dealing with Zachary Daniels was certainly the most refreshing. After discussing what type of roles I would be interested in (industries, culture, commute, style of working etc.), Winston thankfully only introduced me to those that were relevant to the initial brief we had discussed. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Zachary Daniels to others, whether they’re looking to start in or indeed recruit for a new role. It’s how recruitment should be done.

Candidate – Finance

I would just like to write and thank you for all your help with getting my new job! Really appreciate it and couldn’t of done it without you!