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Focused on results, not commission

You’ve worked with retail recruiters before. Whether you’re recruiting or wanting to be recruited, you’ve probably also had the feeling that yours is just a job or a CV in a very big machine.

Not with us. At Zachary Daniels, our focus is matching great people with great jobs.


Trusted to deliver

We’d love to place your next opportunity. One role in one store is good. But what tends to happen next is that one role becomes two. One store becomes two. And before you know it, we’re handling dozens of your opportunities because you know you can trust us to get on with it.


Boutique retail recruitment for boutique stores

Every retail recruiter is excited to work with big brand names. We’re no exception. But we know that retail thrives when there’s a brilliant diversity of the large and small, the big brand and the brilliant boutique. With Cowley Road, Walton and Little Clarendon Street, Oxford has no shortage of niche. Fortunately, niche is one of the things we’re rather good at.   

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Why choose Zachary Daniels for your Oxford recruitment?

There are lots of other retail recruitment agencies in Oxford you could talk to (although don’t feel as though you have to). So why us?


We get your world

We’re recruiters now, but that wasn’t always the case. Not so long ago, virtually every single one of us was a store manager, a buyer, a member of a sales team or in a retail HR or accounts department.

We carry that knowledge with us for every role we place. We believe it makes a big difference. Take a look at our testimonials and you’ll see our clients and candidates feel the same way.


More than an agency

Yes, we’d love to be your first call for Oxford retail recruitment. But our clients rely on us for more than that. Market mapping. Talent pipelining. We’re the people who can help you recruit every member of the team for your new Oxford city centre store. We’re the people who can ensure every successful candidate feels supported as they start their new career with you. And we’re the people who can make sure even unsuccessful candidates still only have good things to say about you. 


Cultural fit

There are many different types of recruitment agency in Oxford and none of them work quite the way we do. That’s because we know skills and experience will only take you so far – being the right ‘fit’ is just as important. And we go further and dig deeper to find it.

So when it comes to your Oxford recruitment, talk to the people who would rather send you three perfect candidates than 30 so-so ones.   


Specialist retail recruitment in Oxford

From compliance to management, senior appointments to supply chain, we’ve got the people to handle your recruitment in Oxford. But right now, we’re seeing real growth in the following specialist areas:


International recruitment

For international retailers seeking to gain a foothold in the UK market. For big UK brands expanding overseas. And for brands that simply need the right people to help talk to their VIP or niche market – like the very specific language and cultural skills required for Bicester Village – talk to us. 


Finance recruitment

The profile of retail finance has never been greater. With so much upheaval in recent years affecting everything from leases to off-payroll contractors, your typical generalist recruiter is no longer best suited to delivering specialised financial retail recruitment in Oxford. 

Fortunately, we have specialists in-house, so whether you need a new FD, Head of Finance, Payroll Manager or Accounts Assistants we’re ready to help.


Marketing, digital & technology

Once, digital was handled by the digital agency. But as more retail businesses have relished the control that comes from bringing more of their digital and tech in-house, we’ve seen a growing need for Data Marketers, Creative Directors, UX/UI Designers and Content Managers. And we know where they are.


About Zachary Daniels

In 2012, we set up a boutique retail recruitment agency that would be run the way we felt an agency should be run. Personal. Passionate. Really committed to getting it right. It was an approach that struck a chord. So much so that lots of our clients probably don’t feel we’re too much of a boutique agency anymore (even if we still feel we are).

They just see us the agency that gets results. Which is also fine by us. 

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Finding new roles for candidates in Oxfordshire

We’re recruiting candidates for opportunities in Oxford and the surrounding area right now. So if you’re looking for a fresh career move, we can help. That’s exactly what we did for Peter: 

From a customer service perspective as a successful applicant for a role that Zachary Daniels recently put me forward for, the level of service provided was exceptional. This is sadly lacking in some recruitment specialists who, in my opinion, often only see their sales commission as the end product.

The recruitment/placement process was extremely professional, courteous and focused. It was also handled in such a way as to ensure a ‘great fit’ for both parties. When I am in a position to look for an additional member of my new team, I will knock on Zachary Daniels’ door first. 

Peter, Compliance Manager, Oxfordshire


Roles we’ve recruited for in Oxford

Take a quick search of our jobs board and you’ll find plenty of jobs in Oxford. Over the past few months, here are just some of the roles for which we’ve recruited in the area:

  • Assistant General Manager, Wallingford
  • Food & Beverage Supervisor, Wallingford
  • Customer Experience Manager, Oxford & Banbury
  • Operations Director (Production), Oxford
  • Practice Manager, Oxford, Witney & Carterton


What’s it like to work with us?

Find out from the people who’ve already worked with Zachary Daniels – check out our testimonials. Then find out more about our approach.

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What our clients say:


With our reputation for quality and service at the heart of everything we do, it was important to find a team that understood our passion and be able to work alongside us to deliver this – and quickly! With our continuing expansion plans we look forward to the next generation of Managers and I would happily recommend the retail services of Zachary Daniels.

Catherine Franklin, HR Manager, KRM/Ecco

I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me during your work hours and outside your work hours to help me out to prepare for my interview and negotiate my salary. (Mark Humphreys – Feb 2020)


It is rare to find reliable and trustworthy recruiter but Tamsin has certainly been that. Tamsin helped to fill several roles since working with my current employer, she completely understood our needs and provided us with several exceptional candidates. I would highly recommend Tamsin if you are seeking for a new opportunity or are a business in need of recruitment advice.

Paul Millward, Junior Merchandiser at Sainsbury’s