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Job Description Template:
Office Manager

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Location: [City], [Town]
Position Type: Full-time
Department [department]
Reports to [Role]

Company Description

At [Company Name], we are redefining the concept of retail. We leverage digital innovation and create exceptional in-store experiences to cater to our consumers’ needs for the finest [retail sector/product type] products on a global scale. 

Job Description

  • First point of contact for all guests and clients visiting the office; welcoming them and offering refreshments.
  • Handling general office inquiries and providing friendly and courteous responses.
  • Responsible for the daily office setup and maintenance, including meeting room preparations, post distribution, and office deliveries.
  • Management of cleaning and security personnel.
  • Oversight of the storage process for sample rooms.
  • Ensuring all office equipment is in working order and promptly reporting any issues to the facilities or IT department.
  • Providing administrative support to the Director and Head of Design, including scheduling meetings and appointments.
  • Taking notes during significant meetings and conference calls.
  • Supervising all aspects of health and safety in the office.
  • Managing the procurement of stationery and equipment for the office, while also maintaining the tidiness and inventory of the stationery room.
  • Expense management, involving basic bookkeeping and monthly company expense filing for the office.
  • Assisting in raising purchase orders (POs) for suppliers and addressing any account-related issues.
  • Processing DHL shipments.
  • Coordinating courier and taxi bookings for staff and clients.
  • Responsible for the office’s kitchen and breakout areas, ensuring they are well-stocked and tidy.
  • Handling grocery runs and organising the weekly food shopping, as well as daily food supply replenishments as needed.


Efficiency: We seek a proactive individual who can anticipate needs and respond quickly to last-minute requests or changes in plans.

Approachable and Assertive: As the primary representative of the company, the ideal candidate should effectively communicate and resolve issues with both staff and clients. The ability to motivate and efficiently manage tasks is crucial.

Quick Learner: Proficiency in adapting to new systems and processes is essential.

Additional Information

An opportunity at [Company Name] is for those who dare to be fearless. The potential for growth is substantial, and the experience is unparalleled. To thrive in this environment, you must embrace our core principles:

[Add company values here]

This generic job description template can be customised to suit any company and role by replacing placeholders with specific information.

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