Whether you’re based in Belfast and aspiring to start your career in retail, or you’re an employer in need of exceptional talent, we’ve got you covered.

Victoria Square recruitment for retail brands

Shopping mall recruitment isn’t easy. From the demands of peak season to the churn if you don’t find exactly the right candidates, to the competition on your doorstep, navigating Victoria Square recruitment can be a real challenge for retail brands.
We make it easier. One of the ways we do that is by being the recruitment partner you need us to be at any given moment. So if your in-house team needs some temporary additional resources (especially at peak season). If you’re opening a new store or expanding the one you’ve got. If you need to find a specialist in X but don’t know where to find them, we do.

Victoria Square jobs for candidates

Victoria Square jobs are in high demand. Apply for a role there and you’ll find the competition stiff. But don’t worry, we can help with that. As a specialist in shopping centre recruitment, we’ve got a huuuge track record in putting talent in front of great retailers, and in successfully guiding candidates through the process.

So whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time job at Victoria Square, you’ve a better chance of making a successful application when you make it with us at your side.


Because Victoria Square is a great place to work – and we can help you find your ideal role there.

You want to build your retail career in Victoria Square, but you don’t want to build it with just anyone. You want to work with an organisation that really values you. A place with a great culture. A place where you’ll get the development and progression opportunities you need. And a place whose values match your own. So that’s what we’ll aim to find for you.
We don’t believe in putting square pegs in round holes. That’s why we go further to match applicants with the retailers who are the perfect match for them.

Because we find talent others can’t

You don’t need us to tell you that talent can be hard to find. But you know what makes that search harder? Looking for it in the same place every time.

Every retailer has sources it trusts to deliver recruitment success. But when those particular wells dry up and you need to look elsewhere for your Victoria Square hiring, we can help you explore rich new seams of talent.

It’s all down to the contacts and experience of our recruiters. They’ve spent years building their networks. So when you need to find the tricky, the challenging and the near impossible, we have a habit of knowing exactly who to speak to.

Talk to us about recruitment for your Victoria Square roles.

Because we take the stress out of Victoria Square hiring

It’s not just the challenge of finding the right people. It’s the fact you find yourself having to recruit so often. It’s the frustration of watching great candidates get poached by competitors before you can bring them on board. And it’s the logistics of publishing ads, sifting, interviewing, assessment centre-ing and more.

But when you ask us to handle your shopping mall hires, we work fast and dig deeper, so candidates have less reason and opportunity to look elsewhere. And because we handle as much of the process as you need, you’re better able to offload the stress while staying in control.

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