What do you need from your Meadowhall hiring partner? Someone to whom you can offload the tricky jobs you’ve not been able to place? Someone who knows how to hire people who have a better chance of staying? Maybe you just need someone who can help with the initial legwork of ads and sifting, so your team can focus on other things until they’re needed.

We’re ready to help you find the right talent for your retail career opportunities at Meadowhall.

Meadowhall hiring for retailers

Shopping mall recruitment is never easy. With competition for talent all around you, another peak season incoming and a need to source talent that can deal with your busiest, most full-on stores, it’s easy to feel as though every hire is an uphill battle.

We’d love to help. We’re shopping centre recruitment specialists, with years of experience building relationships with candidates so we can a) identify the seriously talented and b) identify the ones serious about working for you. 

Talk to us, and let’s find the most suitable candidates for your vacancies at Meadowhall.

Meadowhall careers for candidates

Love working in retail? Ready for a fresh start? Discover a more exciting world of retail opportunities at Meadowhall, the largest indoor shopping centre in Yorkshire. Covering a space the size of around 18 Premier League football pitches and home to over 250 brands, this shopping centre boasts isn’t just popular with shoppers. It’s the perfect place to grow your retail career.

Let’s get started. Talk to us about job opportunities at Meadowhall.  


More than retail

You might know Zachary Daniels as a retail recruitment specialist. And we are. But Meadowhall and other shopping centres are more than giant retail hubs. They’re food and drink places. Entertainment places. Wellbeing places. 

So now, we’re recruitment specialists for all those things too. 

The barista who works like they’ve had a quadruple shot. The spa technician who knows how to deliver service that genuinely supports wellbeing. The shopping centre payroll manager or accountant who can help ensure the numbers always add up. Whatever the shopping centre job, make us your consumer recruiter who’ll find the right talent for it.

We’re the recruiter you need us to be

Last time you needed a Meadowhall recruitment partner, it was to support your new store opening. You were expecting hundreds of applications and you needed expert help to protect your team from overwhelm. This time, there’s just the one appointment, but it’s for a top store manager to run your Meadowhall flagship. 

We’re the people to call for both those — and all your other — retail challenges.

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Thinking of working with us? You’ll be in fantastic company. Check out our testimonials from brands and candidates we’ve worked with previously and find out more about our approach.

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