Whether you’re looking for a career in the Metrocentre, or you’re looking to fill your vacancies with the very best talent, Zachary Daniels will sort it.

Metrocentre hiring for retail brands

Hiring talent for your Metrocentre store isn’t easy. The everyday churn can be challenging enough, but add in peak season or new store hiring together with the added competition of shopping mall recruitment and things can really start to feel like an uphill battle.

But life gets easier with Zachary Daniels on your team. We know shopping centre recruitment inside out. We work fast, so there’s less chance of great talent being poached by the competition. And we’re a consumer recruiter, so we’re able to support you across every Metrocentre role, from retail to food, leisure to centre security and management.

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Metrocentre jobs for candidates

Feed your passion for retail by working at Gateshead Metrocentre and you get more career options from more stores, longer opening hours (which means flexible work schedules) and constant footfall that ensures there’s never a dull moment. 

But more than that, Metrocentre is a massive community of retail, leisure, food and drink specialists, so there’s lots of opportunity to make your mark in a role that’s perfect for you. And because we’re a recruiter that prides itself on matching the right talent with the right jobs, we’ll help you find yours.


Because Gateshead Metrocentre is a great place to work – and we can help you work there

A great culture. Room to grow. Great co-workers and a positive, fun working environment. Sound like somewhere you’d like to work? That’s the Metrocentre for you. 

Of course, the more popular a place is, the more applications it receives and the harder it can be to secure your dream role. As an agency with years of experience working with shopping centres, we manage lots of recruitment for malls and outlets across the UK and beyond. So if you’ve been trying to land a job at Gateshead Metrocentre and keep hitting brick walls, we’d love to help knock a few of them down for you.

Because we really care about getting recruitment right

Anyone can look at a jobs board or trawl LinkedIn. It’s when you’ve already done that and can’t find the right fit for your retail team that your agency shows its true colours. 

Zachary Daniels people take that responsibility seriously because we know how important the right recruitment is. It matters for retailers because the right people can be critical to brand success. And it matters for candidates because your next Metrocentre job could be life-changing.

Yes, our networks and connections allow us to look deeper and wider for the perfect candidates. But it’s the difference we can make with that ability that really counts.

Because we’re your recruitment partner

What would make your recruitment life easier? A bit of extra in-house resource when you need it? Someone to take the recruitment exercise to shortlist or psychometric test stage? Perhaps someone who leaves you to it but is always ready to take on the jobs you’ve been unable to fill. Whatever you need of us, we’re that recruiter, ready to make the process simpler, quicker, more effective or more successful. 

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