Eldon Square recruitment isn’t easy. So when you’ve exhausted the regular routes to hiring or getting hired, where do you look next? At Zachary Daniels, our experts have the contacts no-one else has, so you get access to the retail talent no one else can. 

Eldon Square hiring for retailers

The retail jobs market continues to gradually shrink, meaning there are fewer jobs for candidates to choose from. You might think that makes hiring for Eldon Square jobs easier, but the reality is that the fight for the best talent is as tight as it ever was. We make that fight easier.

We’re shopping mall hiring specialists. We know how to deliver results when a new peak season is just around the corner. We’re experts at mass hiring for new store openings, and for those single crucial hires that can transform a store’s success.

Let us help you discover the most suitable candidates to fill your vacancies and strengthen your team.

Eldon Square careers for candidates

If you’re passionate about retail and on the hunt for a fresh start, there’s an Eldon Square career with your name on it. As shopping mall specialists, we don’t just handle retail store recruitment – we’re experts across the whole consumer sector. So whether you’re looking for a career in a diner, a coffee shop, an entertainment hub or in centre management, we’re ready to help.

More importantly, we never simply ‘fill posts’ because they’ll only need filling again soon afterwards. We take the time to get to know you, your experience and your ambitions so we can pair you with the employer who’ll be perfect for you. And we get real results.

Talk to us now and let us find the ideal position for you at Newcastle’s Eldon Square.


Because we do more to win the competition for talent

On the one hand, recruitment at Eldon Square should be relatively easy. After all, it’s one of Newcastle’s biggest retail hubs and there’s no shortage of people wanting to work there.

The flipside, as you probably already know, is that scale gives candidates choice. So how do you ensure that the investment you make in hiring the best talent won’t be wasted when they jump ship to the competition next door?

Our solution is to really get to know the candidates. We invest more in the research and relationship building that ensures that the candidates we send your way buy into you, your business and your values. Because when a candidate really wants to work with you, it’s a lot harder for the competition to poach them.

We’re the recruiter you need us to be

Our clients expect us to wear many recruitment hats. The volume recruiter. The sifter. The ‘recruitment shield’ ensuring you remain anonymous until the field has been whittled down. The shopping mall recruiter who handles everything for you, from ads to interview and beyond. Or the specialist support you bring in for key roles and tasks. Sometimes, over time, our clients ask us to be all of those things. You can too.

Whatever you need from your Eldon Square recruitment partner, we’re that recruiter. Make us yours.

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