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I’m a Business Manager at Zachary Daniels, specialising in digital, marketing, e-commerce, and creative vacancies for many of the UK’s best loved consumer brands.

It took me a while to discover recruitment. I’d graduated from Liverpool University in the middle of a recession with a philosophy degree – and nobody wanted to employ a philosopher in Liverpool at that time! I tried a few things out, but recruitment stuck.

Over time I’ve shifted to specialise in digital marketing and ecommerce recruitment, probably because it’s an area I’m interested in and (through UX, human/computer interaction and the creative process) I like the fact it connects with my degree subject.

Finding the gems on no one else’s radar

I think that fascination with the topic – together with years of recruitment experience – helps me create better matches between clients and candidates. It’s about looking for impact, the difference a candidate’s marketing activities have made. For me (and frequently for my clients) the standout candidates are people who’ve made a little (in terms of budget, time or resource) go a long way. I love finding the gems who aren’t on anyone else’s radar because they’re working for smaller brands, but they’ve really transformed their businesses.

What goes around comes around

Although I do help some agencies recruit for B2B work, primarily I recruit head office roles for B2C brands. As with everyone ZD recruits, it’s never just about filling the role; it’s about finding the right person for the right role in the right organisation. Sometimes, part of the job is dissuading someone from applying for a role you don’t feel they’re right for and suggesting alternatives for which they would be perfect.

I think that approach shows we’re not the typical recruiter. We don’t treat it as a ‘sales’ job. I strongly believe that what goes around comes around. Take your time to find a brand that really suits a person and they’ll stay there. In time, they’ll often end up needing to build their own team, and that’s when they’ll remember the recruiter who supported them.

ZD: it’s a generous business

Zachary Daniels is the first company I’ve worked for that takes the time to really understand you as an individual. Everybody talks to each other on the same level. It’s a place where you feel appreciated for what you do. It’s an extremely generous business. There’s loads of carrot and no stick. You just feel you want to give back in terms of your service and performance.

Away from work I’m a fitness fanatic. I recently retired from playing rugby (well, I’m still playing, but for the veterans). I write match reports for the club too. I box three times a week and do plenty of running and gym work.

I love travelling, especially my most recent trip, which was to get married in Mallorca.
To discuss your digital marketing and ecommerce recruitment plans, please contact me directly on 07903 728 772 or via rob.moore@zacharydaniels.co.uk

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