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Louisa Robinson

Louisa Robinson

Business Director

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I have over 10 years’ recruitment experience in retail, consumer and trade markets, partnering with businesses small and large.

I know the conventional perception of recruiters is that we are salespeople and that we’ll do anything to fill a job, but the reality is that if you ‘push’ someone into a role that’s not ideal for them they’ll just leave. That doesn’t help client or candidate, and it will have a negative effect on your reputation. And our business is built on our reputation.

That’s why Zachary Daniels operates differently. Our starting point is that we change lives, and to do that you need to build honest relationships. I think my clients and candidates would tell you that I don’t really speak to them like clients and candidates; I speak to them like friends. They know I’ll get results for them — I am a very driven person — but the relationship is really important too.

I feel a huge amount of loyalty to [ZD founders] Danny and Zac. I don’t think you find many business owners who operate a business the way they do. Everyone supports everyone else here. That’s really important, because however good you are as a recruiter, you need the right people around you. Our success is collective.

Outside of work I have a big family. Being able to enjoy time with them and my friends is what motivates me.

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