Lakeside recruitment. It’s what we do. But it doesn’t come close to describing the difference we make. For more than a decade, Zachary Daniels has built a reputation for doing retail hiring differently by focusing not on filling posts, but on changing lives one job at a time.

For candidates and retailers, it’s an approach that makes a big difference.

Lakeside hiring for retailers

Even during the quieter seasons at Lakeside, it’s always a challenge to find the right talent. But what happens when the busiest season is incoming? How do you hire quality and quantity at a time of year when your in-house team is stretched thinnest?

You turn to us. Whether you ask us to become a temporary part of your in-house team, ask us to sort the key appointments or simply want us to take on the bulk work (the initial sift, pre-interview checks, psychometric testing etc) we’re ready to help.

Lakeside jobs for candidates

If you’re passionate about retail, a Lakeside job could be the perfect fit for you. Extended working hours give greater flexibility to your schedule. Constant footfall means there’s never a dull moment, making every day fly by. And when you choose jobs at Lakeside, you’re not just part of your retailer’s team; you’re part of a thriving community that could help you build your retail career.

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Because we make your next role the right role

You could ask your recruitment agency to find any job vacancy at Lakeside Shopping Centre. Or you could work with us and expect a little bit more. 

You see, we don’t just ‘fill posts’. We don’t shove people into jobs they don’t suit. And we don’t send our retail clients candidates who don’t share their values. Why? Because you already know that retention rates in retail are pretty low, and we want to improve that picture. One way of doing that is by using our expertise to match great candidates with the retailers they’ll love working with.

Discover the retailers who would be perfect for you when you get in touch.

Because we find talent others can’t

Where do you search for candidates for your Lakeside job vacancies when your regular sources have drawn a blank? Of all the reasons recruiters choose to work with us, this is perhaps the most common.

Fortunately, our Lakeside Shopping Centre recruitment expertise stretches a long way beyond the regular job boards and LinkedIn trawls you’ll have already done. Our recruiters have spent years in retail recruitment. Many have spent years in shopfloor retail before that. That means they’ve built vast networks of contacts they can tap into to find you great candidates.

Work with us, and they’re all yours.

Because we’re made to support your recruitment success

Of course any recruiter you work with will want to deliver great results. But the fact that Zachary Daniels is employee owned makes a huge difference not just in the results we achieve, but in how we go about it.

Work with us, and you won’t be sent a dozen so-so CVs simply to fill a quota, because we know that won’t benefit you or us in the long term. ZD people share in our success, so they’ll only send you candidates you’ll find it easy to say ‘yes’ to.

Because we’re shopping centre recruitment specialists

Choose Zachary Daniels for Lakeside jobs and work with a consumer recruitment specialist who can support your hiring across the entire mall, from retail stores to food and drinks outlets, to leisure, wellness and centre management.

Whether you need a store manager, a security guard or a barista, we know where they are.

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