Zachary Daniels Salary Guide 2023

Zachary Daniels Finance Salary Guide 2024

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What does a ‘competitive’ salary look like? How hybrid should your flexible working be? Where do you pitch your salary to maximise the chances of recruitment success? Find the answers in our latest guide.

One of the simplest ways to improve your recruitment success is to make sure that, as a baseline, your salaries are competitive.

This guide can help ensure they are, with regional salary benchmarking across a range of Finance roles, together with an examination of the benefits that will make a difference to your Finance talent recruitment strategy.


  • 45% of finance-related UK job postings are hybrid
  • 87% of global CEOs said they would offer pay rises and favourable work to encourage more staff back to the office
  • 39% of Finance professionals expect a pay rise in 2024
  • 63% of Finance professionals want more training in technology


Get ready for Generation Alpha

Born since 2010, Gen Alpha are the children of Millennials. They are the first generation to be entirely born in and shaped by the 21st Century. The eldest Alphas will be joining the workforce in the next few years. At a time when more organisations are seeking to limit hybrid working, there’s a clear challenge for organisations who will, in the not-too-distant future, be wanting to attract Gen Alpha staff. The time to start planning for their arrival is now.

Is hybrid on hold?

Throughout 2023 we have seen more and more employers increasing the minimum requirement to be in the office. For some, this has been met positively; for others, there’s an ongoing tug-of-war. Some level of hybrid working appears appropriate for most organisations, but the level varies from company to company.

Increasing productivity is one of the most cited reasons for shifting the balance back to the office. Another is the belief that in-person work leads to better collaboration and innovation. While remote working can be efficient for individual tasks, it can prevent spontaneous interactions and the sharing of ideas that happen naturally when employees are physically together.


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