Fashion Design, Production & Wholesale

Fashion Design, Production & Wholesale

Your Fashion Design, Production & Wholesale search is over.

Candidates – Talent. It’s what sets you apart from the rest. It’s the combination of understanding, experience and practical ability that makes you the perfect fit for the job.

Clients – Talent. You don’t find it without digging deeper. Go beyond the cv and you’ll find the person who not only has the skills for the job, but the values and qualities that make them the perfect fit for your organisation. Find them in the following sectors:

Creative Director
Design Director
Head of Design
Design Manager
Fashion Designer
Graphic Designer
Print Designer
CAD Operator

Head of Production
Production Manager
Product Manager
Product Development Manager
Senior Product Developer
Product Developer
Production Coordinator
Production Assistant
Sourcing Manager
Shipping and Logistics
Product Development Assistant
Sourcing Assistant

Head of Technical
Head of Quality
Technical Manager
Senior Garment Technologist
Garment Technologist
Footwear Technologist
Product Technologist
Junior Garment Technologist
Assistant Garment Technologist
Technical Assistant
Quality Assurance
Pattern Cutters
Samples Machinist

Head of Wholesale
Sales Director
Account Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Executive
Wholesale Coordinator
Wholesale Merchandising
Wholesale Customer Service
Wholesale Assistant

If your talent is any of these fields, we need to talk to you.