Ria (Beswick) Brown - Consultant.



Like many of the ZD team, Ria cut her teeth in retail itself, starting with Bank Fashion in 2007 and working her way up to store management.  It was during those days Ria worked closely with ZD colleague Becky Dutton and it was on Becky’s recommendation that Ria joined the team here two years ago.  She specialises in Fashion, footwear, accessories and jewellery, predominantly at management level and, in her own words ‘love[s] everything about retail recruitment – the brands: the sector: the people’.




Although outgoing and highly personable, Ria’s reputation is developing as a really tenacious sourcer of candidates.  She’s known for not stopping the chase until she matches the right talent with the right brand.  And that won’t happen either unless she sees her own passion reflected in each candidate she puts forward.



Contact Ria;

01925 550 422 / 07733 320 270